Weight Loss By Mobile Phone

Well, my three-week vacation is rapidly winding up. I think I have made it to new levels of being relaxed that I’ve never achieved before, but as glorious as all this is, it is starting to feel like time to go home. I was lying in bed this morning thinking about some to-do’s when I return when I realized that I haven’t even turned on my mobile phone for over two weeks. Be it, I have had my computer with me and internet access so I haven’t been completely out of touch with my world, but I haven’t even thought about my phone. All of a sudden I wish I could stay here forever – having almost no responsibilities is freeing.

While on vacation my mobile phone has only been used as a bookmark (shown here), but can also be used for more important purposes such as losing weight.

While on vacation my mobile phone has only been used as a bookmark (shown here), but it can also be used for more important purposes such as losing weight.

Many of us are really attached to our mobile phones now. With all the gadgetry of iPhones, texting, downloads and music it is no wonder that almost everyone I know is almost surgically attached to these little pieces of technology. There is no doubt that mobile phones are becoming one of the most important means of communication in our lives and their usefulness doesn’t stop there. With so many applications for download these days it should not surprise you that Weight Loss by Mobile Phone is a rapidly growing trend.

You may already know that weight loss has gone high tech, but you may not know the extent of it. Many are aware that the Wii video game system has a weight loss program that makes exercise fun, but do you know there are other toys and gadgets that can help too? There are quite a few things you can do with your mobile phone, or that your mobile phone can do for you. Some things are on specific phones, but some are useful on any phone. It may depend on what type of services you get for your phone and how much you pay for such services.

Some new phones (like – but not limited to – the iPhone) come with applications that can do just about anything. Some come with the phone at first, and some are downloadable. You can find applications that help you to keep track of each and every calorie that you take in each day, and how much exercise that you are getting. You can find these types of programs online, but having them on your phone – which is with you every single day – means you are more likely to input the information immediately and will continue to do so. Some newer phones also have things that can help you monitor your heart rate.

Apart from applications, weight loss by mobile phone can also take the form of text messaging. A number of people find that getting inspirational and gently reminding text messages regarding dieting and weight loss is helpful throughout the day. These could be from a friend (or group of friends) you have rallied to support you, a company that offers you support, tips, and inspiration to keep you on the right track, or a social media that sends out updates to your phone, such as Twitter. Your phone can be your link to anyone or anything that can help you with your goals. How nice would it be to be standing in front of your fridge at midnight while fighting off a food craving and having someone text you an inspirational message to resist these temptations?

According to a recent study, a group using mobile technology to help with weight loss was compared to a group losing weight without such aid. The intervals of the study were 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. Those with support through mobile devices lost more weight both short and long term in the study. Not only did they lose, they improved areas in life like food choices and family relations that can help a dieter maintain weight loss in the future. The study is very promising for those seeking extra help and support through unconventional means and shows a bright future for weight loss by mobile phone.

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