5 Most Useful Weight Loss Gadgets

When it comes to losing weight, it is possible to do it on your own, but there are many gadgets available that can make things much easier for you along the way – especially in terms of remaining active and tracking your progress effectively. Weight loss is a huge industry, and companies from around the world have worked hard to develop different tools to benefit you in a realistic and practical way. Naturally, not all products are created equal – especially when it comes to the weight loss industry – but when you can find the right ones to help you out, you won’t need to spend very much money, but you will find that you’re seeing a large difference along the way.

There are a number of weight loss gadgets, such as a body fat monitor shown here, that can help you track you success and keep you motivated.

There are a number of weight loss gadgets, such as a body fat monitor shown here, that can help you along your way while losing weight.

Pedometers – Pedometers are little devices that you attach to your clothing and that will tell you how many steps you’ve taken on a walk, a hike, or even throughout the day. If you’re hoping that walking will be a contributor to your activity level to assist in weight loss, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re taking enough steps every day to make it count. Weight loss research has shown that it takes around 10,000 steps every day to help you to lose weight. Of course, without a pedometer, it would be rather challenging to be able to count all those steps to make sure you’ve taken enough. To find out how accurate a pedometer is, test them in the store. Clip them to your clothing, take twenty five normal steps (count along in your head), and see which devices have recorded this accurately. Be careful to make sure that you’re not getting a device that is so sensitive that it records other body movements (such as standing up or sitting down) as a step. Some pedometers also come with a feature that estimates the number of calories you’ve burned through the steps you’ve taken. Though this is not necessarily perfectly accurate or required, it can be handy for motivational purposes.

Calorie Trackers – To better understand how many calories you’re consuming in a day, calorie trackers can be quite handy. They allow you to record the calories from everything you eat throughout a day. This way, you can start to learn whether you need to cut back on the types of foods you’re eating, learn portion control, or understand your diet in other ways. There are a plethora of calorie trackers that you can use for free online or you can purchase calorie tracker software for your personal computer.

Fat Loss Monitors – These little devices are held in your hand and send out a tiny electrical current to let you know how much (in percentage form) of your body is fat. This helps to let you know where you stand in terms of body fat levels. Some bathroom scales also have this feature built in. Fat loss monitors can be particularly helpful for keeping you motivated while dieting. As we all know, losing pounds can be a finicky beast and stubborn weight loss is very frustrating. This monitor will help you see whether your body fat percentage is dropping even if the numbers on the scale aren’t.

Weight Loss Video Games – Today, there are several different kinds of video games and game consoles designed to help you to become more active while having fun at the same time. For an affordable price, you can play many games and sports all from the comfort of your own living room. One of the best is EA Active for the Wii, as well as Wii Fit. There are also weight loss tracking programs for popular gaming systems, such as Nintendo DS’s “My Weight Loss Coach” that make keeping track of your weight loss progress easier and more fun. (For more information about these types of games, read the post “Video Games that Help You Lose Weight“.)

Scale – Of course, there is no more direct way to monitor your body weight than a good quality bathroom scale. If you want to track your weight accurately, a digital scale would be better than the old-school spinning dial ones. You can also buy scales that have a body fat monitor built in so that you can monitor your fat loss.

When it comes to weight loss gadgets, there are so many to choose from, but in my experience these 5 are the most useful. If you use a weight loss gadget and just couldn’t do without it, please share. Since Christmas is just around the corner, all of us dieters out here will want to put together our wish lists, and a weight loss gadget that will help us get motivated about losing weight in the new year may be just the ticket.

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  • Polly

    I couldn’t live without my heart rate monitor. I have one that straps around my wrist like a watch and keeps track of my heart rate while I work out. I use this to make sure I’m reaching my target heart rate when getting cardio. Really works well and I think it is the most useful gadget I have. Thanks for the rest of these tips.

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