Best Aphrodisiac Diet Foods

Valentine’s day is upon us and many of us have a special someone we look forward to sharing our love with. Of course, for anyone on a diet, chocolates and other sweet delicacies presented in heart-shaped boxes can lead us down the wrong paths with our diets even though our loved ones mean well. So what can you do to spice up your valentines day in a healthier, diet-friendly way?

Best Aphrodisiac Diet Foods

The sweetness of a little bit of honey can go a long way to putting one in a more romantic mood for Valentine's Day.

If you’re looking to get yourself and your loved one in the mood for Valentine’s Day, what better way to do it than with sensual foods. There are many aphrodisiac foods, such of which you probably already know of, and some which you may never have thought of. The good news is that some of these aphrodisiacs are also common diet foods that will keep you on track with your diet while adding that “little something” to your libido.

Best Aphrodisiac Diet Foods

Oysters – Oysters may not be a food that everyone likes, but they are certainly a good that can help to boost your loving feelings. With the higher zinc content, males will find their arousal is heightened.

Honey – Not only can honey be dripped on a lover, but it can also be used to promote the sex drive in women and in men. Honey is also good for boosting energy and for helping to increase orgasms.

Asparagus – Asparagus has been linked to increasing blood flow in the genital area, helping to enhance sexual arousal. Add these vegetables to a dish containing other foods on this list to maximize their effects.

Bananas – With a high level of potassium in bananas, they can help to ready the body for physical pleasure, but these fruits are also helpful to males in particular, helping to enhance libido.

Chocolate – One of the most commonly referenced aphrodisiacs, chocolate contains ingredients that can help get a person into a relaxed and euphoric state. Try slowly savoring some dark chocolate together to get in the mood.

Almonds – Almonds have a lot of vitamin E in them which is good for the heart and good for blood flow in sensitive areas of the body, enhancing sexual response. The fat in the nuts can also provide energy for longer evenings (hint, hint).

Basil – Though often taken for granted, basil is an herb which can help to stimulate the body and ready it for a lovely romantic encounter. Just the smell of basil is thought to help a person become aroused.

Figs – With their sexual appearance, figs help to create an immediate sexual response when served. The fruits have also been used to enhance libido for centuries. Feeding a fig to a lover can be a sensual interlude during a romantic evening.

Avocados – Not only do avocados look slightly sexual in their appearance, but they also have a rich supply of good fats in their meaty flesh, helping to support the body through physically draining events in the bedroom.

Garlic – Though garlic has a strong smell, it is helpful in enhancing blood circulation in the body, which allows for a more intense orgasm. However, the more garlic you use, the more intense the smell on your skin and in your mouth. Using breath mints can help if your partner isn’t partial to the smell – personally though, I find it quite sexy.

With this list of the best aphrodisiac diet foods, you can enjoy a night of bliss without blowing your goal to lose weight this weekend. And these foods are good to eat any time in order to keep your sexual self feeling in the mood while also staying on track with your diet or weight loss plan.

And not to get too X-rated with this post, but I can’t help mention that love-making does have it’s benefits for burning calories too. Everything from a passionate kiss and beyond gets your heart rate and breathing rate elevated, which gets your body burning those calories. So don’t hold back – have yourselves a very Happy Valentine’s Day and still lose weight – life couldn’t get any better than that.

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