Healing Time for Smoking

Probably the two most common (and also most difficult) health decisions people make is to either lose weight or quit smoking. Both of these goals require unbelievable determination and will-power, but the benefits to your health are undeniable.

I’ll let you all in on my dirty little secret – I used to be a smoker. I didn’t smoke every day, but I smoked very heavily when I was socializing, which when I was in college was quite a bit. My husband was also a social smoker and when we started dating we would smoke even when it was just the two of us.

Smoking Healing Time

Your body is very resilient, but will still take quite a bit of time to heal from the damage caused by smoking.

Three years ago this past New Year’s was the last time either one of us smoked. It was a New Year’s resolution I am grateful I made and have been able to stick to. At the same time we resolved to get more exercise and in those early days I recall my lung capacity not being what it should. I would get out of breath easily and have a little bit of a wheezy noise when I really pushed myself. Now I am glad to say that both of us feel our lungs are much stronger and healthier.

I have always wondered what the healing time for smoking actually is. How long does it take for your lungs to heal from years of being filled with tar, nasty chemicals and smoke? I’m sure there are many other people out there who are wondering the same thing, so I have done some research and here’s what I learned.

Yay, You’ve Quit Smoking!

If you’ve recently quit smoking, congratulate yourself. This is a tremendous achievement and one which should be celebrated. Not only are you preventing future lung damage, but you are also giving your lungs a chance to breathe again – pun intended. But the question that’s concerning is how long it will take for your lungs to heal from smoking and whether the lungs can ever be completely healed. The good news is that your body is resilient, but you need to help too.

How Long Have You Been Smoking Determines Healing Time

The most telling factor in the ability of your lungs to heal after smoking is how long you smoked to begin with. If you have been smoking for decades, chances are good that your lungs may never be able to heal completely. This doesn’t mean they can not heal, but it does mean that you might not be able to completely reverse the effects smoking has on your body. For those who have been smoking ten years or less, the lungs are thought to be healed again in five to ten years, again depending on how much you smoked when you did. And for those who quit smoking before they are 30 years of age, it’s thought that this action will nearly completely allow your body to heal from the smoking damage.

Diet Changes that Improve Healing After Smoking

To help your lungs heal as quickly as possible, you need to change your lifestyle. You will want to add exercise to your life, as this will help your body circulate blood and oxygen more easily, which encourages quicker healing. You will also want to add more antioxidant-rich foods to your diet in order to promote the healing process (refer to the “Smokers Diet” for more information). Try to eat more brightly colored foods like peppers, citrus fruits, and green vegetables. This will help to support your body as the cells begin to repair themselves or replace themselves. Make sure you’re getting enough rest each night and also try to reduce stress from your life.

Staying Smoke Free

The biggest thing you can do to help your lungs heal from smoking is to not start over again. Even a few cigarettes will cause damage to your lungs, so staying free of nicotine and smoke is the best plan you can have. Even if it takes you several times of quitting for it to finally stick, don’t stop quitting. The more time your lungs spend without cigarettes, the better.

Smoking damages your lungs, even if you only smoke a few cigarettes from time to time. As soon as you put the first cigarette down, you will begin to let your body heal. Your blood pressure goes down, your oxygen levels begin to rise, and your body begins to feel better. The carbon monoxide that has been building up in your bloodstream dissipates and your risk of heart disease and lung cancer decreases. You owe it to yourself and to your body to quit today.

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2 comments to Healing Time for Smoking

  • Lance Cossio

    Why people continue to smoke in todays world is a puzzle to me!

  • Adrien

    People smoke cause they’re highly addicted. I’m on the second day of the 15th or 16th time i’ve tried quitting. It is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do. I’ts not because I’m dumb or need more information. Hell I’m only 30 and had a mild heart attack when I was 27 and it still didn’t sink in this drug completely rules your mind and body you have no control until you find the mental will power reuired to beat it. I’m still not sure if I’ll ge it this time. POWER ON QUITTERS!!!! WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!!!

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