Lifting Yourself from a Weight Loss Funk

If you’ve been dieting for any length of time, you may hit a stumbling block at some point. You may just be tired of eating all the right things or you might be bored with the plan you have in place. In any case, you’re in a funk and you don’t know what to do about it. While in the past you might have simply eaten foods that were bad for you and then felt even worst about yourself, today is the day you can do something different. Here are some tips for lifting yourself from a weight loss funk without falling off the diet wagon.

Lifting From Weight Loss Funk

If your diet has you feeling down, try these tips for lifting yourself from a weight loss funk.

Celebrate Your Achievements

Right now, if you’ve been on a diet for any period of time, you’ve achieved a lot. Many people just like you haven’t even begun a diet because they were too afraid or they simply didn’t have the motivation that you do. It will be helpful for you to write out all of the achievements you’ve made over time since you starting dieting. This will help you to see just how much progress you have made.

Ideally, you will have been tracking your weight and your measurements, so you can actually measure to see how far you’ve come. Close your eyes and think about the person you used to be before you lost weight. Chances are good you’ve changed a lot, which can show you just how successful you are and how continuing with your plans is going to bring you even closer to your goals. Keep a running list of your achievements and read it to yourself whenever you need a boost.

Keep Track of Your Behaviors

Keeping a weight loss journal of your eating and your exercise habits, either by hand or using an online diet tracker such as, will help you to see what you’re doing right and what you can be doing better. By being honest with yourself about how you might be more successful, you can create a new plan for success. For example, you may look through your journal and see that you have been doing the same exercise routine or menu plan for a while. This will show you that maybe you’re feeling low because you haven’t changed things up in a while. Try changing things up to see how that makes you feel. Often, just a few minor changes will make you excited to lose weight again.

Not only will changing your routine up help you feel new inspiration for your weight loss program, but it will also help you overcome a weight loss plateau if you have been struggling to lose weight. Weight loss plateaus often occur because the body has adjusted to its new calorie intake and exercise demands. By changing up your diet, either with a few more or few less calories a day and by mixing up the types and intensity of your exercises your body will start to lose weight again.

Reward Yourself

When you’ve been working hard, you may find that seeing the scale move down just isn’t enough of a reward for you. Or perhaps you are experiencing slight weight gain or stubborn weight loss even though you’ve been following your diet consistently and this has you feeling frustrated. In either case, you need to focus on your successes and celebrate them instead of focusing on the frustrations of losing weight.

To celebrate your success in a diet-friendly way, you will want to create certain weight loss goals for which you give yourself a non-food reward. For example, when you lose ten pounds, you might give yourself a new workout outfit or buy yourself a new diet cookbook. Come up with rewards that can inspire you and that help you feel like you’re being celebrated for your achievements, but that don’t involve food and eating.

No matter how committed you are to your weight loss program, everyone hits a low point at some time. Instead of letting it get you down, try boosting your motivation by recognizing your achievements, changing things up, and rewarding yourself. Using these techniques can help lift yourself out of a weight loss funk in no time and continue on your way to a healthier and thinner you.

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  • Andrea

    Again a very good blog, which highlights how important your mind is when you aim to lose weight. rewarding yourself for your achievements is so vital as it will keep you going just for that little bit longer which is necessary to make sustained changes possible.

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