New Zero Calorie Sweeteners

Many of us dieters constantly battle with a sweet tooth. Of course, when dieting it is a good idea to reduce the amount of sugars you consume, but this can be a real challenge if you crave the taste of something sweet.

If your sweet tooth is giving you more trouble than you think it should, and you have tried other ways to fight sugar cravings without much success, then you should look into trying some of these new zero calorie sweeteners. Using zero calorie sweeteners not only helps you to keep your calorie intake low, but some of them even add other benefits, such as more fiber to your diet.

New Zero Calorie Sweeteners

If your sweet tooth is threatening your dieting success then you should look into some of these new zero calorie sweeteners.

Nutriose Soluble Fiber

If you’ve been dieting for a while, you might notice that certain cravings never seem to go away, especially sugar cravings. With Nutriose soluble fiber, you can not only have the sweetness you crave in your recipes, but you will also be able to add fiber to your diet, which will allow you to feel fuller longer during and after a meal. This is going to help you cut calories even further, which will help you lose weight easily. You will even feel more energetic as a result.


Nevella is another name for the sucralose sweetener which has become so popular. This no calorie sweetener can actually be used in baking recipes, helping you to still enjoy your favorite sweet baked goods without the blood sugar spikes. Instead, you can enjoy your sweets without any guilt and without any calories. This will make your infrequent sweet treats have less impact on your diet goals.


The Fruit-Sweetness zero calorie sweetener is designed to help dieters begin to drop calories from their diets without dropping any of the taste. Derived from the monk fruit, this concentrated sweetener is all natural, helping to find favor with those who are hesitate to use something like Splenda. Approved by the FDA, the Fruit-Sweetness product is helping dieters find a sweetener which is hundreds of times sweeter than cane sugar. So, you can eat less and still enjoy your sweet treats.


Much like Nutriose soluble fiber, SweetFiber is a combination of a zero calorie sweetener and a fiber, helping to sweeten recipes, while also adding fiber to the diet. This sweetener will work best in beverages and in breads you bake. For those who find that other sweeteners are not compatible with their love of baking, SweetFiber works well.


According to the makers of SUSTA, this zero calorie sweetener includes inulin fiber, botanical extracts, natural flavors, fructose, minerals, vitamins, and probiotics. This powerhouse of ingredients helps to slow down the digestion of food, which can help a person who feels they have an out of control appetite. By helping to add sweet without affecting the blood sugar levels, the dieter can stay in control of any diet plan.

No matter what zero calorie sweetener you choose, you might want to try a few before you find the one that works for you. Each sweetener works a little differently. Plus, if you enjoy baking, you want to make sure the sweetener is designed to be heated up. Some zero calories sweeteners are only good for drinks and cold recipes.

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  • Jenny_66

    I just love Splenda! It tastes just as sweet as normal sugar and it tastes great in everything! I was pleasantly surprised. There are about 4 calories per pack, so you have to be careful with how many packs you add to your diet, but so far the only thing I don’t like about Splenda is the price. It is expensive, so I use it sparingly, but you don’t need to use as much of it as real sugar. It’s great with tea, and you can actually bake with it! It’s the only sweetener I can actually handle eating. All the other ones just taste like aspartame to me.

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