Weight Loss Benefits of Garlic

Though it may come as a surprise to some, garlic has many health benefits, and the possibility of weight loss is one of them. As researchers have recently concluded, there are a multitude of health benefits to adding garlic to a dish, even when cooked. It contains allicin and diallyl sulfide, two ingredients that offer particular health benefiting boosts. Unfortunately, allicin is destroyed during the cooking process, but because of the cooking, other healthy compounds are formed that continue garlic’s health-benefiting abilities.

Dealing with a little garlic breath may be worth it if you want to try to harness the weight loss benefits of garlic.

Garlic can kill or prevent bacterial growth of several varieties, including the constantly mentioned Salmonella, along with yeast. In some cases, it can go so far as to prevent cancer. Garlic can help stabilize cholesterol levels, lowering the bad and raising the good. There is some speculation to the idea that garlic could prevent strokes and heart attacks by getting rid of the clots that choke up the arteries. Weight loss is also believed to be a side-effect of eating garlic, though you need to talk to your doctor to determine just how helpful garlic could be to your weight loss plan.

Some scientists say that eating three cloves of garlic daily should help you reap the healthy benefits garlic has to offer. This may vary from person to person, so check with your doctor before deciding on a regime that will lead to a garlic-y morning breath. If you enjoy the taste of garlic, however, you should be pleased to know that most forms of garlic are believed to have the health benefits that garlic has to offer.

However, even natural foods do have a downside. Consuming too much garlic can result in diarrhea or indigestion, and it shows that like everything, it is best in moderation. If you want to use garlic for weight loss (based on the antioxidants in it), try to include it naturally in the food dishes you prepare, and remember to eat the correct proportions.

Weight loss is best achieved through a combination of a healthy diet and specially chosen exercise, according to multiple studies on the subject. Talk to your doctor before deciding on a weight loss regime so that you can be sure you have chosen the right method of losing weight that is not only safe, but efficient. Each person is different, and everyone has different weight loss goals, so it is good to keep these in mind when deciding on a weight loss plan.

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2 comments to Weight Loss Benefits of Garlic

  • Aaron

    I knew that garlic was good for the immune system but I didn’t realize it had any weight loss benefits… Do you have to eat it fresh or can you buy it in pill form from the health food store?

  • Casia Buchene

    Garlic is packed full of antioxidants. I have heard that garlic does suppress your appetite which helps keeps your hunger in check. If you are not always hungry, you will not eat as much food as you normally would and thus hopefully lose weight. Garlic also helps boost your metabolism so that food is processed by your body faster and easier. This also aids in weight loss. There are so many benefits to garlic that researchers are still finding out. It really is one of the super foods.

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