Top Weight Loss Breakfast Foods You Should Eat

Looking for some great weight loss breakfast ideas? It may be easier than you think. You’ve likely heard that traditional breakfast cereals aren’t usually a great option because they’re filled with sugar, salt and other unwanted ingredients. However, just because you won’t be eating the same thing you did as a kid, it doesn’t mean that things need to be unpleasant or complicated.

Why the Right Choice Matters to Your Results

Keep in mind that a good weight loss breakfast sets you up for a fantastic remainder to your day. Eating the right foods can help you to feel energized, satisfied, and ready to stick to healthy eating for the rest of the day. On the other hand, eating the wrong foods can give you cravings and energy crashes that can cause you to overeat during the rest of the day.

Which Options Will You Be Eating in the Morning?

Here are some great options for getting your day off to a fantastic start.

Weight Loss Breakfast 1: Eggs

Eggs are high in protein, contain a ton of vitamins and minerals and help you to stay fuller longer. Many now consider eggs to be a superfood, particularly when consumed with the yolk, where most of the nutrients are found. Research involving 30 overweight women showed that when they had eggs for breakfast, they felt fuller and were more likely to eat less later in the day. This was compared to similar woman who had a bagel for breakfast, instead.

Weight Loss Breakfast 2: Bananas

Bananas have had a hard time with their reputation in recent years because many people have pointed to their high sugar content and have interpreted that in a negative way. The truth of the matter is that bananas are a powerhouse of nutrition, electrolytes and fiber. They’re great for you and provide a nutritious way to satisfy a morning sweet tooth without having to resort to the added sugars in traditional cereals. Due to the high fiber content in bananas, they are a fantastic weight loss breakfasts. Fiber slows your stomach’s emptying rate, controlling your cravings and hunger.

Weight Loss Breakfast 3: Yogurt or Cottage Cheese

Both yogurt and cottage cheese provide a filling, creamy and satisfying breakfast food. If you choose Greek yogurt, both that and cottage cheese will offer you a good amount of protein to help keep you feeling satisfied for a longer period of time. A study of 20 women found that when they ate high protein yogurt, they were less hungry and less likely to snack later on. When compared to women who ate chocolate, crackers or similar foods, those who ate yogurt ate an average of 100 calories less per day.

Great Beverages to Complement Your Meal

Beyond what you have to eat, what you drink will also affect your body’s ability to burn fat and operate at its most efficient level.

Three of the best drinks you can choose to go with your weight loss breakfast options include:

  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Green tea

Each of these options are fantastic thermogenics.  This means that they help to boost your metabolism by promoting more energy consumption through the production of heat. In this way, you can burn through calories and stored fats more quickly than you would without them.

Many people find that combining these beverages can also be very helpful, when taking into consideration the way they work.

Ideally, having a glass of water immediately after getting up will help to get the metabolism – and the rest of the body’s systems – humming right away.  After that point, having a cup of either black coffee or unsweetened green tea provides a stimulant effect by way of the caffeine and antioxidants they contain. This will work alongside your best weight loss breakfast choices to support your efforts to reach your goal.

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