The Perfect Bedtime Weight Loss Workout You Can Do in Bed

Who says that you can’t work out while you are in bed? The truth is that you can squeeze in one last exercise for the day by following the bedtime weight loss workout below.

In case you’re worried that exercising before bed will harm your ability to sleep at night, don’t.  Research has shown that gentle workouts close to bedtime won’t make it any harder for you to be able to get the rest you need. Still, it’s not recommended that you do an intense cardio workout right before you hit the hay.

Try This Weight Loss Workout You Can Do in Bed

These moves are great for use to tone your muscles in various parts of your body. At the same time, you can also use these moves to get a bit of an extra fat burning workout into your day before you’re done for the night.  You may not be burning through pounds at a time, but every little bit counts, and this can make a difference if you do it on a regular basis.

Start with Leg Lifts

Work your core and your legs at the same time while you are lying down in bed. Start by lying flat on your back, keeping the arms at your sides. Lift one leg up until your hip and leg form a 90° angle. If you can’t get it all the way up there, just go as far as you can. Then slowly lower that leg, do the other side, and keep going until you have done 10 reps on each side. When you are ready for an extra challenge, place your hands underneath your hips for support and raise both of your legs at the same time before lowering them together.

Next, It’s Time to Plank

Planking is a great way to work your arms, core, and legs, and you can do it while you are in bed. Just get into a push up position to start and then bring your body down so that you are holding yourself up on your forearms. This is even more challenging, especially when you execute proper form, which involves aligning the elbows underneath the shoulders and keeping your body in a straight line from the heels to the head. Hold for about 20 seconds, or longer if you can. See how long you can go.

Keep Working Your Core with Crunches

Continue working that core by doing some crunches while lying down on your bed. Take it to the next level will full sit-ups whenever you are ready. And add even more of a challenge by doing bicycles that target your obliques.

Ease Up with Some Quick Stretches

A few quick stretches in bed are a great way to finish off your bedtime weight loss workout. Plus, stretching your body gently will allow you to get ready to settle down for sleep. You can stretch out your back by lying down and bringing your knees to your chest, and you can also stretch your hamstrings by sitting up with your legs extended and reaching for your toes.

Wind Down with Some Yoga

Of course, a weight loss workout you can do in bed is only helpful if you’re actually going to be able to fall asleep at bedtime.  If you’re leaving yourself more charged up than wound down, you’ll only hold yourself back.  After all, sleep is one of the most important components of a healthy weight loss friendly lifestyle.  If you’re doing a workout only to the detriment of the rest you’re getting at night, those last moves of the evening aren’t all that worthwhile.

By ending the movement part of your workout with some yoga poses that are calming (and that you can still do from the comfort of your bed, of course), you’ll gain all the advantage without the disadvantage.

Some of the types of yoga pose to include in a weight loss workout you can do in bed include:

  • Balasana (Child’s Pose)
  • Marjaryasana and Bitilasana (Cat and Cow Pose)
  • Supta Jaṭhara Parivartānāsana (Supine Spinal Twist)
  • Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby)
  • Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Goddess Pose – use pillows or blocks to help with this)
  • Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

Polish Off a Weight Loss Workout You Can Do in Bed with Meditation

Once you’re done your workout movements and poses, you can ease your mind further. This helps to prepare it for sleep so you will be more restful.  The more restful you are at bedtime, the better your chances of sleeping soundly through the night.

After yoga, play meditation music or quietly play a guided meditation, whichever you prefer.  Concentrate on your breathing and on the soothing imagery that can help you to further relax your body and mind and prepare yourself for sleep. This is a great step for your overall health and as a meaningful component of a weight loss workout you can do in bed as sleep is known to be very important to an effective fat reduction strategy.

You might find that this final stage of the weight loss workout you can do in bed will put you to sleep even before it is finished.  Of course, that’s perfectly fine since sending yourself into a healthy sleep during which your body will continue burning calories and fats is the whole point.

Final Thoughts on a Workout You Can Do in Bed

With the help of this bedtime weight loss workout, you can make the most of those last few minutes of your day before falling asleep. And this could make a big difference in your ability to keep burning fat and calories even while you are at rest.

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