Australia becomes the fattest country in the World

Proud Americans have lost their world setting record of the fattest country to their friends down under, the Aussies. By a slim 1% to beat out the Americans, 26% of Australians are obese, that’s more than 1 in 4 people. And just to clarify, being obese is not the same as being overweight. The definition of obesity is that of an individual’s weight being 30% or more above what is considered normal.

So why are the koala kissing Aussies becoming so fat? Well, according to the Dieticians Association of Austrialia (DAA), “The average Australian family spends nearly 15% of their food budget on fast food and/or takeaway food”. Combine the Aussie fast-food addiction with a lack of exercise and there you have it, the fattest country in the world.

Sound familiar? It should because it is for the same reasons that North Americans have been plumping on the pounds for years. It’s easy to say, “C’mon everyone, stop eating fast food, you know it makes you fat”. But the truth is fast-food is popular because it is cheap, convenient, and tastes bloody good. Some fast food chains are starting to offer “healthy” alternatives on their menus. Other fast-food places even claim their healthy menu items can help you lose weight, like Subway.

I love my fast-food, I admit it. The thought of a cheese burger makes my mouth salivate, just like Pavlov’s dog and I have fantasies being able to eat all the fast-food I could want and never gaining a pound. But this is reality, and those are my jeans I can’t fit into anymore, and that is the latest reading of my higher than normal blood pressure. Fast-food, I love you, but you are hurting me and so I must let you go. I love you, but I love myself more.

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