New Weight Loss Products

Over this past Christmas vacation I spent a number of hours surfing the web looking for new weight loss products in the hope of finding something that I could order to kick start my new year’s resolution to lose more weight. Needless to say there are so many weight loss products out there now. There seems to be a pill or dietary supplement that can treat any type of physical ailment and weight loss is one of the biggest markets.

While searching through all the new fad weight loss products I stumbled upon two products that I felt deserved an honorary mention in my blog. By no means do I promote these products, in fact quite the opposite. I don’t think either one will help you lose weight, but you will burn calories laughing at the advertising for these crazy weight loss products.

Kenko Diet Plum

I don’t even remember how I stumbled across Kenko Diet Plum, but here it is at the top of my new weight loss products to avoid list. From the official website the advertising reads, “Constipation cause big tummy and over weight”. The whole premise behind Kenko Diet Plums is that they will help you to become regular and by doing that you will lose all the weight in feces that your body has inside. My goodness, I don’t need to tell you how ridiculous this is. Weight loss is about losing fat not feces, but who knows…if you’re really backed up you may lose a few pounds right away.

What are Kenko Diet Plums? They are just dried golden plums aren’t they? Well, when I read the official ingredients list I was amazed. According to the official website, Kenko Diet Plums also contain Ashitaba, Garcinia Cambogia and a few other ingredients. What on earth! How did these other ingredients, that are not related to the golden plum at all, find their way into these plums? Weird science, or perhaps a strange genetic cross, who knows. My guess would be that these other ingredients aren’t present at all in Kenko Diet Plums, but are listed as just a marketing ploy to get some poor sucker to buy.

The bottom line is that the company doing the advertising for Kenko Diet Plum is full of sh*t, just like they want you to believe you are and at $58US for a box of 30 Kenko Diet Plums that will last you about one week you’d be way better off buying yourself a bottle of Metamucil. Anyway, the website is a funny read and can be found here

Power Pops

For all of us with a sweet tooth, now we can suck our fat away quite literally. Power pops, a new fad weight loss product that has been featured on Extra TV are weight loss suckers that are advertised to help suppress your appetite and give you a boost of energy.

The official website states that Power Pops contain Hoodia, Citrimax, L-Tyrosine, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Guarana. These are quite common herbal diet pill ingredients and none of them are really all that effective for weight loss. Unfortunately, there is not any information provided that tells us how much of these ingredients are contained in each Power Pop. Without this information it is impossible to say whether Power Pops contain enough of each ingredient to be effective weight loss products.

Power Pops can be purchased online from a number of sites. The average price for one bag that contains 30 pops is about $27US, which will give you a 10-day supply. At just under $3 a day, this new weight loss product will lighten your wallet, but not your gut.

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