The Anti Diet Approach to Losing Weight

I have been hearing more and more about a new weight loss trend that is capturing the attention of many dieters. This new trend is not based on any sort of structured weight loss program, exercise routine, diet pills or any other types of diet products. In fact, this new approach to losing weight is not really even considered a diet, more of a lifestyle change, which is why it is called the “Anti Diet”.

The anti diet is a simple approach to losing weight that encourages you to make healthy food choices and increase your exercise without the use of a structured diet program.

The anti diet is a simple approach to losing weight that encourages you to make healthy food choices and increase your exercise without the use of a structured diet program.

The Anti Diet is much like it sounds. This is not supposed to be a diet or eating plan, but rather, a new way to look at both food and exercise. If you are going on a diet you may go out and buy a ton of special food, a gym membership, and a host of other tools on the market. What normally happens next is a whole lot of nothing. This is because most diets do not work, are too restrictive, or are just too hard to follow in the long run. The Anti Diet promises to be fun, easy, and something that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Normally, you have to cut calories, measure portions, and then starve. That is the main reason why many people fail at a specific and very rigid diet. The key to the Anti Diet is that you do not have to think about it that hard, you simply have to shop around the perimeter of your grocery store. This is normally where the fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products are placed. You have to make an effort to cook your meals from recipes rather than opening a box and putting something into the oven or microwave. Natural foods are the way to go.

In fact, the Anti Diet urges you to shop for much of your food at your local farmer’s market. That is not always possible, as some foods only grow in certain seasons, but when you find food there, it is natural and good for you (for more information, see the post “Eating Organic Foods“). The processed, and sugar laden foods on the market today offer convenience, but are probably also the reason why your waist line has expanded. If you eat natural food, you do not have to worry about portions and calorie counting as much. You naturally eat right and won’t have the blood sugar spikes that often make people overeat and fall off the dieting bandwagon.

As you know, exercise is an important aspect of losing weight and staying in shape. However, there aren’t any fancy gym memberships or expensive pieces of equipment to buy with the Anti Diet. All you have to do is to think of natural ways to add more movement to your life. This means you spend more time cooking your meals, walking with your dog, and playing outside with your children. You can park further way at the store and go to the mall to get exercise by walking around more. You can do workouts if you wish, but with a little imagination, you can add all the exercise you need to your day with simple lifestyle adjustments.

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