Exercise Helps Lower Cholesterol

Working out is something you know you need to do. You may even have made time in your schedule to work out, but again and again, those times become filled with other commitments and other responsibilities that seem more important. You might need to have some extra motivation in order to make the chore of exercise a bit more appealing or at least something which you realize should be a priority. For those who have a history of high cholesterol or who are concerned about cholesterol, you may want to consider that exercise is going to help you get these numbers under control once more.

Exercise Helps Lower Cholesterol

Exercise helps to lower cholesterol by getting the blood moving, promoting weight loss and by reducing LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.

One of the ways exercise helps lower cholesterol is by boosting your body’s circulation. Each time you workout, your heart has to work a little harder in order to help pump the blood to the extremities. The blood needs to move more when you exercise so that oxygen can get to the areas where it is needed. When your body pumps blood more efficiently, it will be able to keep cholesterol from accumulating on your artery walls. The more often you exercise, the easier it will be for your body to keep those cholesterol levels down. While some cholesterol is necessary for your cells, moving around the excess from your diet will help you to keep your heart healthy.

Once you begin to exercise more often, you will begin to lose weight given that you keep your calorie intake the same or reduce it. This weight loss will make it easier for your body to keep its cholesterol levels low. The more weight you can lose, while still being in a healthy range, the more likely you are to have a lower risk of cholesterol troubles. In addition, if you add a healthy diet to promote further weight loss, then you will aid your body in keeping those cholesterol levels low and healthy. This weight loss is especially important if you already have high cholesterol or if you have a family history of high levels.

Within your blood are a number of components that help to remove waste and to bring energy to the body. When you have certain levels of certain blood proteins, you will be able to keep your blood cholesterol low and you will promote a healthy heart. When you exercise regularly, you will be able to keep your HDL higher (good cholesterol) and your LDL lower (bad cholesterol). Some cholesterol is needed to help maintain the structure of cells in the body, but too much can begin to slow the blood flow to your heart and make the chance of heart disease higher.

Exercise is something we know we need to do, but when you are at risk of higher cholesterol levels or you know that you already have a high reading, it’s time to take action. By exercising more, you can ensure you are keeping your body strong and healthy while also keeping your cholesterol levels within a normal range.

Of course, getting more exercise isn’t always the answer for lowering cholesterol levels. Some people are pre-disposed to high cholesterol for a number of reasons, like genetics, and despite the physical activity they do they still require more to lower their cholesterol levels. A blood test at your doctor’s office will be the best way to determine how high your cholesterol levels are and what treatment options are available to you. There are a number of prescription cholesterol-lowering medications, such as Lipitor, as well as a few natural cholesterol-lowering medications, such as LipoStatin. Determining the best and safest way to lower your cholesterol levels should always be discussed with your doctor.

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2 comments to Exercise Helps Lower Cholesterol

  • AnnMarie

    In general exercise helps lower cholesterol by helping people lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight increases the amount of cholesterol in your blood and increases the risk of heart disease. They say you should do 30 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous exercise to keep cholesterol levels at bay. The more vigorous your exercise, the lower your cholesterol levels will be.

  • Jones

    I too heard that more intense exercise is better than moderate exercise for lowering cholesterol. Obviously both are good, but the more active you can be the better.

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