Eating Probiotics to Treat and Prevent Allergies

Allergies seem to one of life’s great nuisances. Because they reappear each year, they seem to be one of those things you just have to live with – or do you? The incidence of allergies seems to be rising in the recent years, making scientists wonder why this is. But many doctors and researchers are beginning to think it’s the immune system which might be to blame. With a lower immune system function, the body may be more prone to have symptoms of allergies, even if the person has never had allergies before. By using probiotics, many scientists feel that a person will not only be able to treat allergies, but also to prevent them.

Yogurt isn't the only food that contains probiotics - aged cheese, microbrew beer, miso and wine are also sources.

Why Probiotics Help the Immune System

Many don’t realize just how important the digestive system is. While it’s understandable that this system helps to break down foods into nutrients which can be used by the body, it doesn’t seem to do much more than that. But in your digestive tract, in your intestines, are many little bacteria which are helping to keep you healthy. It’s not surprising that the immune system doesn’t work as well when you eat poor foods, but it’s not just the foods that are causing the immune system to suffer. Since your digestive system can’t break down these foods properly, the immune system doesn’t get the energy it needs to continue to work well.

The intestines need to have the healthy bacteria around in order to digest food. In times of poor eating and high stress, the bacterium is working overtime to help break down foods. The bacteria work so hard that it can be overwhelmed by its responsibilities and have troubles reproducing. This leads to an imbalance of bacteria, which then causes digestion to be affected, which leads to a slow immune system.

Probiotics and Your Allergies

When your immune system is working well, it can combat the allergens in the air. Thus, if you begin to take probiotics as a part of your daily supplement program, you will find that the allergies you have suddenly gained are now no longer a problem. In addition, taking probiotics all year long can help you to avoid having allergy attacks at all. Studies are also showing that children who have probiotics supplements will also have a much lower risk of contracting allergies or having severe allergic responses.

It’s simple to add probiotics to your daily life with supplements or with yogurt with added bacteria. Other foods that contain probiotics are: aged cheese, cottage cheese, microbrew beer, wine, miso, kimchi, kefir, pickled ginger, tamari, tempeh, sauerkraut and brine-cured pickles.

While you might be used to avoid bacteria in your life, this is one sort of bacteria which will allow you to breathe easy during allergy season. Just make sure to take the probiotics on a daily basis in order to see the maximum results. With probiotics, you have a cheap and easy way to handle allergies before they start and if they start. Though this might seem to be a simple fix, it’s one that works better than some allergy medications.

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