10 No-Nonsense Weight Loss Tips

If your goal is to lose weight, then here are 10 no-nonsense weight loss tips that you can follow to make sure that you’ve got yourself at the best advantage for losing weight and keeping it off. The trick to losing weight is to work with your metabolism, encouraging it to run at a higher level and not drop down. The higher your metabolism, the more quickly your body will burn through calories – both the ones you eat and the ones you have stored as body fat.

Losing weight takes many small changes to your diet and lifestyle. Try these 10 no-nonsense weight loss tips to jumpstart your diet program.

Weight Loss Tip #1: Drink lots of water – You’ve heard it time and time again and it’s never been truer than when you’re trying to shed those extra pounds. Water is an integral part of keeping your metabolism running well, so keep water around at all times to ensure that you take in those necessary 8 glasses every day. To make drinking the water easier, start your day with a glass of water with lemon in it (warm if you prefer a hot beverage at the start of the day), then drink water before you start every meal, and try to get through the first glass and at least start a second glass before you’re done your meal.

Weight Loss Tip #2: Eat breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for many reasons. It jumpstarts your metabolism, making sure that it’s running more quickly all day long. Without breakfast, your metabolism will be slower during the day and you will be more likely to overeat and make poor food choices when lunch comes because your body is so hungry. Start your day off with a breakfast that contains some protein, such as eggs, cheese, milk, or oatmeal and you will give your body the boost it needs.

Weight Loss Tip #3: Eat small, frequent meals – To keep your metabolism running high without slowing down, eat four to six small meals every day instead of two or three large ones.

Weight Loss Tip #4: Don’t go super low-cal – Most people think that a good diet means slashing the calories. Yes, you should aim for portion control, but if you cut the calories too sharply, your body will think you’re going through a famine and will slow the metabolism and it will be harder for you to lose weight.

Weight Loss Tip #5: Increase the intensity of your workouts – When you first begin exercising chances are you will start at a low level of physical activity, such as walking or swimming. However, as you become more physically fit, continue to increase the intensity of your exercises. This could be as simple as walking faster for longer, or adding hand or ankle weights to your exercises, or including high intensity intervals. Mixing up the exercises you do and their intensity will keep your metabolism high.

Weight Loss Tip #6: Build and tone your muscles – The more muscle you have in your body, the higher your metabolism will be. In fact, scientific studies have demonstrated that a muscular body has a metabolism that runs up to 15 percent higher than a body that is more out of shape.

Weight Loss Tip #7: Increase protein intake – Protein is a slow-release form of energy that helps you to build muscle instead of fat. It helps to run your metabolism more evenly over time instead of giving it a jump and then having it drop off and slow down. For this reason, eating protein is also an excellent way to naturally curb hunger.

Weight Loss Tip #8: Increase your fiber intake – The more fiber you eat, the better your digestion will run and the better you’ll be able to expel toxins and waste. Fiber is also digested slowly, which will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer after meals.

Weight Loss Tip #9: Don’t skip meals – If you skip a meal, your metabolism will slow down. It’s better to eat lots of smaller meals during the day to keep your metabolism going and your blood sugar stable.

Weight Loss Tip #10: Limit your alcohol consumption – Hey, they don’t call it a beer belly for nothing. Alcohol is notorious for slowing down metabolism and is full of empty calories that can really add up quickly. If you are serious about losing weight then you may want to consider avoiding alcohol altogether.

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  • Mary Raine

    This is a great, practical article on weight loss as it’s easy to understand and uses basic common sense. Everyone on a weight loss journey should print this out and pin it up next to their desk and fridge. Loosing weight does not have to be complicated people!

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