Serotonin and Weight Loss

serotonin weight gain

Serotonin not only helps you to get a good night's sleep, but also can keep your immune system strong and your weight stable.

Serotonin, as you may already know, is something that helps the body regulate sleep patterns. Without enough of it, you do not rest well. Without proper rest, all types of different things can happen. For one, your body does not work as well, and your body does not heal from day to day bumps or illnesses as it should. Your brain can not file away your memories and you will feel listless, fatigued, and weak. A lack of sleep can weaken the immune system as well. A lack of serotonin to regulate sleep can also cause weight gain. This makes having proper levels of serotonin even more important.

Not only does serotonin help with sleep patterns, it helps to regulate your appetite, your mood, and will determine how much energy you have as you move through the day. That being said, you can see why a serotonin imbalance can dictate a problem with weight gain. If you have very little energy, there is very little hope that you are going to exercise. Your appetite may be high because your body is trying to get that energy up, so you eat more. You may also find yourself eating to deal with emotions because your moods are out of whack.

One thing that is known to deplete your stores of serotonin is ongoing and severe stress. If you are constantly under stress, you are going to overeat and lead a more sedentary lifestyle. This means you are not going to succeed at any diet and you are probably going to put on more weight without realizing what is going on. Compulsive binge eating sessions are possible, along with other medical conditions like insomnia or even depression. Both can lead to even more eating. In fact, many who already have a problem with binge eating do not realize something as simple as a serotonin imbalance is what is causing them to take in food in a reckless manner that they can not seem to control.

If you feel that you may have a problem with depleted stores of serotonin, you can see your doctor for testing. This does not have to be a chronic problem. Some antidepressants can help with this, but some can cause weight gain. It depends on the type. This is something that should be talked over with a doctor if weight gain is a problem. There are many great ways to get more serotonin into the diet without having to have other side effects that may not be welcome.

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  • MichelleCarrier

    Serotonin is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter in our brains. Meals high in carbs promote serotonin levels in the brain so when there are low levels of seratonin present, your body will crave carbs. Carbs are necessary for good health but eating too many carbs will leave your body with too much energy for it to burn and this added energy will eventually turn into fat. So thus, by increasing serotonin levels you can support weight loss because you will not be craving all those carbs.

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