10 Best Weight Loss Tips for Thanksgiving

With the festive season quickly approaching it seems suiting to share with you the 10 best weight loss tips for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a social holiday when many families come together to share good food, good drink and good times. But for those of us watching our weight, Thanksgiving is often a time of anxiety and stress. How much will the famous turkey dinner with all the fixings really cost me? 2 pounds, 5 pounds, a 10 pound setback?

Thanksgiving humor I had to share - Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving humor I had to share - Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is a list of the 10 Best Weight Loss Tips for Thanksgiving that will help to keep your diet on track.

  1. Eat plenty of turkey – Turkey is low-fat, high in protein and contains lots of Vitamin B. Choose meat from the breast and remove the skin for a low-fat, low-calorie Thanksgiving treat.
  2. Substitute Mashed Potatoes with Mashed Cauliflower – Mashed or creamed cauliflower is very tasty and is an excellent substitute for mashed potatoes. Mash the cauliflower, add a little skim milk and voila. Cauliflower contains almost 75 percent fewer calories than potatoes per pound and is an excellent source of fiber.
  3. Steam or Roast Vegetables – Steam and roast vegetables and avoid pan frying or baking in oils or fats, such as butter.
  4. Omit Butter and Cream – Although it may not always be possible to omit these flab forming ingredients, try to choose recipes that omit butter and cream. At the dinner table use light margarine as a spread instead of butter.
  5. Serve Vegetables as an Appetizer – Fresh vegetables served with fat-free sour cream and yogurt dressing is a healthy appetizer that will ease pre-dinner hunger.
  6. Use Packaged Gravy – Gravy made from pan drippings is very high in fat. Instead, use instant gravy that is much lower in calories and fat.
  7. Crustless Pumpkin Pie – Everyone loves pumpkin pie and most will agree that there is little need for a crust. Crustless pumpkin pie has all the yumminess of the real thing, but contains much less calories and fat.
  8. Don’t Oversalt Your Food – Salt causes your body to retain a lot of water. To avoid post-Thanksgiving bloating, stay away from salty foods and don’t oversalt your meal. Use minimal salt when cooking and provide salt at the dinner table to that your guests can salt their own meals.
  9. Eat Breakfast and a Healthy Snack – On Thanksgiving day remember to eat a healthy breakfast and afternoon snack. These meals will help to keep your appetite under control so that you are less likely to gorge at dinner.
  10. Drink Plenty of Water – Drink lots of water on Thanksgiving day to help curb hunger pangs.

By following these Thanksgiving Diet Tips you are sure to stay on track with your weight loss goals. For more great weight loss tips check out this link Diet Tips

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