How Colors affect Hunger and Appetite

If you are looking for a new way to decrease your portion sizes at meals without battling your hunger then adding appetite suppressant colors, such as blues, purples and blacks can have a significant impact.

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Big Fat Excuses

Making “Big Fat Excuses” is something that all of us who have wanted to lose weight have made at some point. In fact, over the almost 20 years that I have been either overweight or obese I have probably made a hundred different excuses for why I couldn’t start a diet, or stick to a diet, or get more exercise, or stop eating junk food, and so on. What I hope everyone who reads this post will do today is take a moment to reflect on what excuses they may have been making that are preventing them from reaching their weight loss goals.

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The Best Time to Start a Diet

How many times have you looked in the mirror and promised yourself that you are going to start your diet on Monday, after Thanksgiving, when New Years Day has arrived, or even after you have had a few weeks to enjoy your favorite foods? This is something that dieters do all of the time and can be a huge problem. While having a start date is the only way to get started, that day should be the very second you decide you want to lose weight.

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10 Best Weight Loss Tips for Thanksgiving

With the festive season quickly approaching it seems suiting to share with you the 10 best weight loss tips for Thanksgiving.

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