Weight Loss with Fat Burners

The popularity of many weight loss supplements is based on the claim that they can burn fat. Fat burners are meant to boost the body’s metabolism and focus energy on burning fat as opposed to other fuel sources. The faster the metabolic rate, the faster the body is able to eliminate excess fat storage. Ideally, this process should go hand in hand with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Fat burners are considered more effective when incorporated with a healthy lifestyle. The action of fat burners in the body varies.

Effective fat burners raise your metabolic rate and help you to lose fat from stubborn areas such as abdomen and thighs.

Fat burners raise your metabolic rate and help you to lose fat from stubborn areas such as abdomen and thighs.

Even after extensive weight loss, some people still have to contend with stubborn fat, especially in areas such as the abdomen, thighs and upper arms. This is why the market for fat burners continues to thrive. The success of weight loss with fat burners is still debatable but some brands have produced results. It is difficult to decide on which weight loss product would be the best choice because there are so many to choose from. They all promise triumph over weight gain but many fail to meet expectations. The common misconception is that these products work miraculously without the need for any effort as far as dieting or exercise.

There are various types of fat burners. Some of these have been entrenched firmly in the world of weight loss and bodybuilding. They include thermogenic fat burners, stimulant-free fat burners, appetite suppressants, and thyroid regulating fat burners. Thermogenic fat burners are usually a mixture of many ingredients, including the controversial ephedra. They work by speeding up the metabolic rate and increasing the temperature of the body. In fact, most fat burners contain some type of stimulant compound that raises blood pressure, heart rate and metabolism. A popular ephedra-free fat burner is Phentramin-d, which contains the stimulant caffeine combined with an extract from geranium oil called geranamine that also has a stimulating effect.

People who have uncontrollable or abnormal appetites turn to appetite suppressants that reduce the desire to eat. The concept of excessive cravings and hunger is attributed to psychological factors that are influenced by scent, touch and sight (read this related post “Insulin Response to Sight and Smell of Sweet Foods“). For example, the mere sight of a picture of food can send some individuals racing towards the fridge. Despite being called fat burners and not appetite suppressants, reduced appetite is a common side effect when taking these types of diet pills and can be helpful in lowering the amount of calories you consume each day. Another common type of fat burner is the thyroid regulator. This is sought by people who have a thyroid disorder. When the thyroid does not produce enough hormones, the metabolic rate slows down. A thyroid regulator stimulates the production of those vital hormones.

If you are hoping to experience rapid weight loss with fat burners then your approach to losing weight is already dooming you to failure. It is true that some fat burners can help you to lose more weight, but they are only a temporary weight loss method. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to develop a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating and regular exercise. If you make these lifestyle changes while taking a fat burner then you are much less likely to gain weight when you stop taking the pills.

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  • I’m still judging fat burners, as the bill is still not out on these. The long term effects of these types of pills worry me as a fitness professional. I’ve just kept it simple with my clients who see results with proper diet and exercise.

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