10 Bad Habits That Cause Weight Gain

Bad Habits That Cause Weight Gain

Losing weight is often just a matter of changing a few things in your diet and in your lifestyle. And just as simple as it is to lose weight by making small changes in your diet and lifestyle, it is just as easy to gain weight if some of these common bad habits are not addressed. By making sure you avoid these 10 bad habits that cause weight gain you will likely start to see your weight drop on a more consistent basis.

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Weight Gain During Menopause

Menopause Weight Gain

Women do not have to gain a lot of weight when they begin menopause. By learning what causes women to gain weight during the menopausal years, a lot can be done to stop the scale’s ascent to higher numbers.

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Exercise + Healthy Diet = Weight Loss

Exercise + Healthy Diet = Weight Loss. This equation, one which seems completely common sense, has been the center of conversation lately because some say that exercise may cause weight gain and work against your weight loss efforts. This misleading fact about losing weight was recently promoted in a Time Magazine article “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin” and has been at the center of some fiery debate.

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Getting In Shape After 40

The first thing you have to know about getting in shape after 40 is that your metabolism is not what it used to be. This means your energy may not be quite what it was, but that does not have to be a huge roadblock.

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