Weight Loss and Clothing

Until yesterday, I never thought that I had much in common with Janet Jackson, but now we are very much like bosom buddies. After about half-an-hour of bobbing happily in the ocean a group of large waves came and swept me up on shore. No problem, I’ll just get up, shake the sand out of my bottoms and go back out. To my utter embarrassment, however, the large waves had caused a most revealing “wardrobe malfunction”. Yes, I was standing there with my pale white chest exposed for all to see. I crouched quickly back into the water, but I’m pretty sure the glow of my white skin had attracted the attention of most of the people on the beach and took down a couple of planes flying overhead. My husband thought this was the funniest thing he had ever seen, and if there were any people left on the beach who hadn’t just seen me mostly naked they too were now looking over to see why this gringo was laughing his fool head off. I couldn’t help but start laughing myself, it was quite the sight. I vowed then and there, however, that I would go out that afternoon and buy myself a new bathing suit that fit me properly and get rid of the one I had been wearing through my previous vacations when I was heavier.

Buying an outfit for your new size is an excellent way to celebrate your weight loss successes.

Buying an outfit for your new size is an excellent way to celebrate your weight loss successes.

There are ups and downs with dieting. Your weight should be going down, while your self-esteem should be going up. Another thing that is going to be going down is the size of your clothing. Some people wonder about when it is a good time to buy new clothes when they are dieting and losing weight. Should you even bother to buy clothes that will not fit in two months? My answer to this is now yes, at least when bathing suits are concerned.

Buying a couple new items of clothing when you reach one of your weight loss goals can be a rewarding experience. You may have spent your life celebrating your successes with food, but that is probably one reason why you are dieting in the first place. You can instead find other ways to celebrate reaching your weight loss goals and one of those ways may be to go out and get yourself a new outfit in your new size. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but it can be the very best way to reward yourself for your hard work and your dedication. Get something that looks good and fits to show off where you are in your dieting path.

Some people stay in their large size clothing until they think they have gone down as far as they can or want to go. There are a few problems with this, but there are also a few bonuses. You may enjoy wearing jeans that are too big a few times as a reminder of how much weight you have lost and so other people can ask you if you have lost weight. It might seem vain, but it is nice to hear that someone noticed and that your hard work has paid off. However, if you keep those clothes, you may grow back into them. The best thing to do with your old, oversized clothing is to donate them or throw them out. You want to make it as hard as possible for yourself to go back to the weight you were.

You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe for each new size, but do get a few outfits to get you through. Get rid of clothes that are too big as you go, and remember that you should always dress for your size. Don’t go overboard even if you are feeling so much better. Going from a size twenty to a size fourteen is a huge accomplishment, and you should celebrate and feel good, but you should still shy away from the belly shirts and tank tops. It is possible to look sexy without revealing a lot of skin, and you can do that at any size. Take a friend with you and find what you love and what loves you back when you look in the mirror. Also, you can use these helpful Fashion Tips for Looking Thinner when choosing your next outfit.

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  • Pam

    Yes while I agree you should get rid of your “really” big clothes as you get smaller and smaller, but if you gain back 10 or so lbs, you don’t want to be without clothes so I would keep some of your nicer “slightly” bigger items. Not everyone has a lot of money to be replacing jeans every few months. I also agree with dressing for your size. And you know what the funny thing is? It’s usually the skinner people that are the worst with this. If only I had a nickel for every time I saw a skinny person trying to stuff them-self into and even skinner pair of pants or tiny shirt then they have a muffin top sticking out and not to mention they just over-all look skanky.

  • Wild Orchid

    Whether you are loosing weight or not, you should always dress for your size. If you are heavy, it doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing, so here are a few tips for looking your best even at a bigger size 🙂

    Find well-fitting underwear. It is almost impossible to look good with unsupportive underwear. It is imperative to wear low-legged high-waisted panties in a firm supportive cotton. This can reduce your bulkiness by a good two to three inches, and make sure that no unsightly dimpling can be seen underneath your clothes. Bridget Jones knew what she was talking about!

    Choose a bra that will lift the bust up far enough to leave a long midriff. A bad bra can allow the bust to “droop” into the stomach, making it look as if you’re one shapeless lump.

    Add accessories and shoes. There is no excuse for an overweight woman not to have a wardrobe full of the most beautiful and unusual accessories around. Very slim women are often swamped by some of the most extravagant jewelry that look wonderful on bigger women. The fashion for large chunky beads is useful. Also a big bag can make you look smaller, simply by not appearing tiny next to your butt. 2 or 3 chunky bangles will make a plump wrist appear slender, and wearing long dangly earrings will give the illusion of an elongated neck.

    Be well groomed in general. A size 20 woman who smells of fresh flowers or Ralph Lauren, has a neat manicure, sits poised and elegant, has clean, shiny and styled hair, will win out every time over some pinched little wench who may well be a size six but looks as if she needs a shower!

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