30 Minute Exercises for Weight Loss

Most people feel they just don’t have the time for a sufficient exercise program, so they tend to avoid exercising altogether. And while diet can certainly help with weight loss, it’s only half the equation. Doctors and researchers have found time and time again that those who eat well and exercise are not only able to keep weight off, but they also have an easier time losing the weight in the first place. But if time is limited, here are some 30 minute workouts which will not only help a person lose weight, but also will help to boost the body’s metabolism to continue to burn calories the rest of the day.

30 Minute Exercises for Weight Loss

Weight training can be a simple 30 minute exercise that will help your body to burn more calories all day long.

Brisk Walking

One of the easiest ways to burn calories is by walking. And since a person can do this anytime, anywhere, this exercise is the most convenient. Many people choose to use a part of their lunch hour to exercise, helping to shake off the afternoon sleepiness while also burning calories. Find time to walk briskly each day to boost weight loss and to feel more energetic. The key is that when walking, the pace needs to be brisk enough that you’re feeling slightly out of breath, but you can still talk as you move. If your heart rate isn’t up and your lungs aren’t working harder, you’re not burning as many calories.

Weight Training

Weight training is often considered to be just a way to gain weight as opposed to lose weight. But men and women who build more muscle are thinner as a rule. Muscle burns more calories than fat, allowing you the opportunity to eat more and still lose weight. Choose three or four basic weight training exercises to use each day, then switch off between upper and lower body work each day. This way, you’re not using up a lot of time, but you’re still hitting all of the major areas of the body, toning and tightening your figure.

Interval Training

To combine aerobic and strength training into one workout, interval training is a good choice. For example, you might do jumping jacks for one minute and then lift weights for your arms for a minute. Then you might switch back to jumping jacks for a minute, then do weights for your legs. Repeat the cycle until the 30 minutes is up. This is a fast paced and fun workout that flies by once you have the exercises in your mind. You can also choose to do just aerobic work with interval training. Just choose a few segments during your workout when you do the exercise at almost a sprinting pace. This way, you’re boosting the calorie burn without adding any more time to your workout.

Thirty minutes of exercise each day is the best way to make sure you lose weight without losing your free time. Getting up early in the morning will help you get your workout out of the way, while also giving you less of an opportunity for other things to get in the way of your precious exercise time.

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2 comments to 30 Minute Exercises for Weight Loss

  • Charlotte

    I think this is great advice, people who do a mixture of exercise also find that they don’t get bored as quickly because of the variety. I have tried what you suggested the jumping jacks and then swapping it definitely gets the heart pumping, I was completely out of breath, I am hoping that after a couple of weeks of that it will be easier and hopefully I will be able to keep some of the weight off that I seem to be too easily putting on at the minute.

  • Walking or any exercise program will benefit your over-all health – even if you are not looking to lose weight. If you loss some weight by walking that would be a bonus.

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