Eating Slower Improves Weight Loss

When dieting you are watching calories, portion size and nutrition anyway, so why bother being worried about how fast you eat your meals? The fact is that eating slower and chewing your food more thoroughly is a very simple way of promoting weight loss for a few reasons.

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Digestive Benefits of Papaya

Though the fruit of the papaya is flavorful and is often consumed just for the sheer pleasant experience, in terms of practical use, it is most commonly used in order to aid in digestion. There are many properties in the papaya fruit that can help with the digestive process.

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Chocolate Increases Weight Loss

If you are someone who loves chocolate and has had to give it up for your diet, then deprive yourself no further. Not only are some types of chocolate healthy, but they may also help to increase weight loss, which is a win-win for all of us dieting chocolate lovers.

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How Fiber Helps Weight Loss

From what I can tell, eating enough dietary fiber may be a valuable trick for losing weight that is easily overlooked. Of its many health benefits, fiber helps to curb hunger, suppress appetite, increase the rate of digestion and improve intestinal health.

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Acai Berry and Weight Loss

What is the real deal with Acai Berry? Does this new “Superfood” really promote weight loss as one of its touted benefits?

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