Low-Fat vs. Low-Carb – Which Diet is More Effective?

Many people who are new to dieting wonder which type of diet is more effective for losing weight – low-fat or low-carb. With so many types of diet out there promoting themselves as the best ones for weight loss, answering this question has been tricky.

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Weight Loss Benefits of Protein

When you are trying to lose weight you need to do what you can to curb hunger by feeding your body foods that take longer to process and don’t cause spikes in blood sugar. One of the best weight loss foods is protein and increasing the amount of protein that you eat in your daily diet can be the key to your dieting success.

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How Protein Curbs Hunger

One of the best things about protein, other than it being essential for good health and rebuilding muscle tissue, is that protein curbs hunger. If you have ever been on the Atkins Diet or the South Beach Diet, you may already know this.

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How Fiber Helps Weight Loss

From what I can tell, eating enough dietary fiber may be a valuable trick for losing weight that is easily overlooked. Of its many health benefits, fiber helps to curb hunger, suppress appetite, increase the rate of digestion and improve intestinal health.

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Grapefruit Diet Review

I really love grapefruit and eat it a few times a week. I know that there have been some studies that support eating grapefruit helps with weight loss, but I didn’t realize that there was an actual Grapefruit Diet. As it turn out, the Grapefruit Diet appears to be quite well known in the weight loss world and is one of the most popular ways to drop a few pounds quickly.

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Why You Need Carbohydrates

I think many people who are dieting are concerned about eating carbohydrates. Although it is important to limit your consumption of these foods, eating some carbohydrates can actually help you burn more energy while you exercise. So to clear up some confusion, lets explore why you need carbohydates in your diet.

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Daily Protein Requirements

Many people seem curious about how much protein they should be eating every day. Although there are many diet and nutrition sources that will give you different values for these numbers, there is a basic rule of thumb for your daily protein needs that can be simply calculated.

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