Healthy Weight Loss Diet May Prevent Cancer

Following a healthy weight loss diet does not guarantee you will not at some time develop cancer, however you will be taking steps to minimize this chance. If anything, following a healthy and nutritionally-balanced weight loss diet with regular exercise will help you rid your body of extra weight and improve overall health.

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How Protein Curbs Hunger

One of the best things about protein, other than it being essential for good health and rebuilding muscle tissue, is that protein curbs hunger. If you have ever been on the Atkins Diet or the South Beach Diet, you may already know this.

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The Truth about Red Meat Digestion

I was enjoying a perfectly cooked rare beef fillet mignon yesterday when I was rudely interrupted by my friend who thought it pertinent to tell me that “Red meat stays in your digestive tract for 3 months, you shouldn’t eat it”. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this myth about the digestion of red meat taking 3 months, but I always thought it seemed rather far fetched.

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