Weight Loss Strengthens Immune System

Even though losing weight won’t guarantee you will avoid the flu and other bugs, these studies do give us another good reason to shed our excess pounds.

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Health Dangers of Being Underweight

A lot of attention has been focused in dealing with overweight issues but much as this is justified, little attention has been directed to tackling matters pertaining to being underweight. Scientifically speaking, people who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) that is under 20 are considered to be underweight.

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Charities that Fight Hunger

Many of us become so engrossed in our own lives that we fail to look outwards and seek ways to help others. For this reason, today, because I realize that I have so much and should be giving back much more, I would like to explore some charities that fight hunger.

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Exercising with a Cold

Many doctors agree that “sweating out a cold” with exercise can be good for the body and may give you short-term relief from some symptoms, including congestion. A study that was conducted with a number of test patients also found that there is no difference either on lung function or exercise capacity in people with colds.

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Flu Fighting Diet Foods

In tribute to my current condition I have looked into these flu fighting foods that you should incorporate into your diet if you want to avoid some of the more common wintertime ailments.

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