Understanding Food Labels

All in all, food labels are there to help you as the consumer make educated decisions, and once you understand the package labeling, you will find that you can make better choices on the nutrition you intake, along with having more ease following a dietary plan or avoiding allergies.

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Diet Treats Foil Weight Loss

Diet treats, when used in conjunction with dieting and exercise can really help, but many end up doing more damage than good. Getting around these damaging diet treats is a matter of using common sense, reading labels, and trusting your instincts. Here are just a few ways in which diet treats foil weight loss and trick vulnerable dieters like you and me.

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Trans Fats and How to Avoid Them

Saturated fats aren’t the only fats to watch out for when reading a nutritional label. There are also unhealthy types of unsaturated fats called Trans Fats. Trans fats occur when unsaturated fats are hydrogenated.

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