Common Myths about Metabolism

Can eating spicy foods containing chile pepper really increase metabolism? Find out the answers to this and many more of the common myths about metabolism now.

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Why Starvation Diets Fail

Another reason why starvation diets fail is that you are not making the necessary lifestyle changes you need to keep the weight off once it’s gone. Starvation diets, after all, are only a temporary (and unhealthy) method to lose weight – you can’t do it forever.

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What Causes a Slow Metabolism

On a number of occasions I have met people who claim they cannot lose weight, not because of a lack of effort or poor dieting, but because they have a slow metabolism. Although the personal trainers and dietitians from ‘The Biggest Loser’ may not take this as a valid excuse for not losing weight, it is true that some people’s metabolism is slower than others.

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