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Diet Pill Reviews

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Welcome to Weight Loss Center's Diet Pill Reviews section. If you are considering buying diet pills online, make an educated purchase by first reading these informative, unbiased reviews. Each diet pill is evaluated on its ability to promote weight loss based on the quality and quantity of ingredients it contains. Click on a diet pill from the list below for a full review of that product.


Are You Considering Diet Pills?


For most of us the quest to lose weight has really become a struggle for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons most of us are gaining too much weight and can't seem to lose it is because we overeat, exercise to little and eat way too much fast food.


Most of us are looking for an easier, yet safe way to lose weight, without starving yourself or having to constantly stay on low fat, low calorie diets forever. The question is, in today's society is can we lose weight without sacrificing all of the good foods we love to eat?


Do Diet Pills Work?


The weight loss diet pill market is booming with many people turning to prescription and non-prescription drugs to help them shed those pesky pounds. Prescriptions for some diet pills, such as phentermine, can be obtained from your doctor, but many people chose to purchase their diet pills from an online pharmacy. This way there is more ananomity and some of us, who struggle with obesity, like the privacy that online pharmacies offer.


There are also many 'non prescription' weight loss diet pill products on the market that claim their ingredients can actually help people lose weight and fat, but without any potential dangerous side effects. Keep in mind though, that all diet pills have potential side effects, even if they are natural or non-prescription.


Types of Diet Pills


Weight Loss Center offers information on many diet pills. Take your time to do the research for yourself and see what is out there. Also, visit our Weight Loss Forum where people exchange their own experiences about taking weight loss diet pills. Topics in the forum are provided for informational purposes only. Posted topics and responses reflect the individual's results, experiences and opinions only and are not verified or endorsed by weight-loss-center.net. Actual results may vary among users.


Non-Prescription Diet Pill Reviews

  • Alli Review
    Alli Review
    On February 07, 2007 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first over-the-counter diet pill - Alli. Alli is the marketing name, or brand name, for the generic weight loss drug Orlistat. Alli is only approved for use by overweight adults in conjunction...
  • Apidexin Review
    Apidexin Review
    Apidexin is following in the footsteps of so many diet pills before it – using ingredients that on their own have been clinically studied, but show no proof of being effective when combined together. To make matters worse, a couple of these clinical studies that support...
  • Cortislim Diet Pill Review
    Cortislim Diet Pill Review
    The diet pill Cortislim may be something of which you are already familiar as they have had extensive advertising programs on television. This pill works with what it calls a natural hormone in your body that may be working overtime to add fat to your body – most notabl...
  • DecaSlim Review
    DecaSlim Review
    DecaSlim is yet another diet pill that claims to contain 10 “superfoods”. According to the advertising, taking DecaSlim will give you “fast weight loss”, “acne relief” and “tone lean muscle”. I have to begin this review of DecaSlim diet pills by pointing out that there...
  • Dexatrim Diet Pill Review
    Dexatrim Diet Pill Review
    If you are looking for a name you can trust when it comes to diet supplements, Dexatrim may be one that you can count on. Why is that? This is because Dexatrim has been around for a very long time. If it did not have some effectiveness in weight loss, it would have disa...
  • Hoodia Rush Review
    Hoodia Rush Review
    Hoodia Rush is a diet supplement that claims to harness the magical weight loss properties found in the Hoodia plant. This supplement is free of the troublesome and dangerous ephedrine, and claims to help a person take in up to a 1000 fewer calories a day while helping...
  • Hydroxycut Review
    Hydroxycut Review
    Hydroxycut is marketed as a "weight loss supplement". Originally containing the now banned and controversial ingredient ephedra, Hydroxycut's current formula consists of a list of ingredients that have no scientific support for thier abilities to promote weight loss. Hy...
  • Lean System 7 Review
    Lean System 7 Review
    Where you carry excess weight on your body may depend greatly on your genetics and your current state of physical health. Some carry weight on the hips and thighs, and those are people are healthier than those that carry pounds around the middle. There are increased ris...
  • LipoFuze Review
    LipoFuze Review
    Lipofuze is a diet pill that makes the claim “Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days or Your Money Back Guaranteed”. What? 10 pounds in 7 days? How is that possible you may ask. Well, to be quite honest you can only achieve this kind of weight loss by cutting off an arm or leg. One t...
  • MetaboSpeed Review
    MetaboSpeed Review
    MetaboSpeed XXX boasts itself as the diet pillf the stars, claiming in big print “What Stars use to lose weight fast”. This is one of MetaboSpeed’s claims to fame and the first thing that was looked into when reviewing this pill because often if the propaganda is shoddy...
  • MiracleBurn Review
    MiracleBurn Review
    MiracleBurn is yet another diet pill that claims to contain all sorts of ingredients helpful for weight loss, but fails to list how much of those ingredients are contained in each serving. Without proper nutritional information about MiracleBurn diet pills it is more di...
  • Orovo Diet Pills Review
    Orovo Diet Pills Review
    Orovo is a line of health, detox and weight loss products that contain ten “Superfoods”: Acai, Alfalfa, Barley, Buckwheat, Cayenne Pepper, Flax Seed, Garlic, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Soy Isoflavones and Wheatgrass. By consuming these superfoods on a regular basis, Oro...
  • Patentrim Diet Pill Review
    Patentrim Diet Pill Review
    Patentrim is a diet pill that claims to be a fat burning powerhouse. Though it is on the expensive side, some believe that the patented ingredients make it a good bet when trying something out for the first time. There are many ways to review or evaluate a diet pill, bu...
  • Proactol Review
    Proactol Review
    Proactol is made from a cactus species known as Opuntia ficus-indica, or Prickly Pear. Eaten as a main food staple in arid parts of the world, Prickly pear is becoming a popular food choice in North American society as well because of its noted ability to lower blood gl...
  • Relagen Review
    Relagen Review
    Relagen diet pills, also called Relora Max, tackle weight loss in a different way than most other supplements on the market. This supplement has natural ingredients that are known to help with stress and depression. Most people know they are overeating, but they do not...
  • Sensa Review
    Sensa Review
    The latest weight loss product to hit the market and create a buzz is Sensa. This seems to be quite a unique concept for a weight loss product and the published results are impressive, but upon further review can Sensa really be all that great? Sensa is considered a foo...
  • Slimquick Diet Pill Review
    Slimquick Diet Pill Review
    Slimquick is a diet pill or supplement that was formulated to help women with the special challenges they face when they are trying to lose weight. Slimquick is a bit different than other supplements because it does recommend a sensible diet and exercise program, and ev...
  • Slimvia Diet Pill Review
    Slimvia Diet Pill Review
    Each diet pill you find on the market tries to work in a different way to get you to stop eating and to lose weight. Slimvia is a pill that offers 3-5 pounds in weight loss a week by trying to make the body feel full after eating smaller portions of food than the averag...
  • Therm Acai Diet Pill Review
    Therm Acai Diet Pill Review
    Biogenixs is the manufacturer of a weight loss supplement called Therm Acai, which jumped on the bandwagon for the highly media hyped “weight loss benefits” of acai berry. Though the drug does provide some acai berry health benefits – essentially the fact that it is a g...
  • Tonalin CLA Diet Pill Review
    Tonalin CLA Diet Pill Review
    Tonalin CLA is a product of the Cognis Group that uses a common ingredient in weight loss supplements called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in order to help people lose weight. The ingredient is, in the case of this product, extracted from safflower oil and claims to he...
  • Zotrim Diet Pills Review
    Zotrim Diet Pills Review
    Though you may just think that Zotrim is just yet another diet product to fill some space on the shelf, you may be surprised to hear that this one is a little bit different from the others. The label claims that when you take this pill, you will not feel as hungry and w...
  • Zylotrim Review
    Zylotrim Review
    You may have seen a commercial recently on TV for the diet pill Zylotrim with images of fat-dissolving enzymes swirling around problem areas such as the stomach and thighs. On the official website for Zylotrim, there is another broadcast that states “Is it difficult to...