Connection Between Weight Loss and Thyroid Health

During your next doctor’s visit, be sure to ask about how weight loss and thyroid health may be impacting your life and how your thyroid and you may unlock the key to a slimmer you.

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NEAT Weight Loss

Taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, walking to the store to buy groceries, gardening and so on can all contribute to your overall NEAT weight loss. Embracing NEAT weight loss in your life is all about finding the little opportunities to be active.

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Helpful Weight Loss Calculators

There are many helpful weight loss calculators online. These calculators can give estimates of your BMI (Body Mass Index), daily calorie needs, how many calories you burn during exercise and much, much more.

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Best Online Diet Trackers

Today, whether keeping track of calories or miles walked, there are great online trackers that take most of the work out of the endeavor for you while keeping the most accurate count you can get. Take advantage of some of these useful and sometimes free trackers to make your life more simple.

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