Top Reasons Why You Cannot Lose Weight

One of the top reasons you can’t lose weight is that you don’t have a weight management plan for when you are finished dieting. You can not simply change the way that you eat, lose weight, and then go back to your old eating and lifestyle choices.

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Big Fat Excuses

Making “Big Fat Excuses” is something that all of us who have wanted to lose weight have made at some point. In fact, over the almost 20 years that I have been either overweight or obese I have probably made a hundred different excuses for why I couldn’t start a diet, or stick to a diet, or get more exercise, or stop eating junk food, and so on. What I hope everyone who reads this post will do today is take a moment to reflect on what excuses they may have been making that are preventing them from reaching their weight loss goals.

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Hypothyroidism Diet and Weight Loss

The greatest concern for most people with hypothyroidism is weight gain. Some of the recommended solutions for hypothyroid weight gain include drug therapy, physical exercise and a healthy diet.

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Weight Loss Foods That Improve Your Mood

Do you want to feel better, happier and more relaxed without turning to that tub of double chocolate fudge ice cream for comfort? Try adding some of these weight loss foods that improve your mood to your daily diet.

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What Causes a Slow Metabolism

On a number of occasions I have met people who claim they cannot lose weight, not because of a lack of effort or poor dieting, but because they have a slow metabolism. Although the personal trainers and dietitians from ‘The Biggest Loser’ may not take this as a valid excuse for not losing weight, it is true that some people’s metabolism is slower than others.

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Weight Loss with Fat Burners

If you are hoping to experience rapid weight loss with fat burners then your approach to losing weight is already dooming you to failure. It is true that some fat burners can help you to lose more weight, but they are only a temporary weight loss method.

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Fashion Tips for Looking Thinner

With so many fashion options to choose from, finding a style that is both comfortable and flattering can be quite a challenge for those of us who are “larger boned”. Here’s what I have found to be the best fashion tips for looking thinner.

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Health Conditions That Cause Weight Gain

Certain health conditions can not only cause weight gain, but exacerbate efforts of losing weight. Leading the pack of such health conditions are under-active thyroids, otherwise known as hypothyroidism.

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Exercising with a Cold

Many doctors agree that “sweating out a cold” with exercise can be good for the body and may give you short-term relief from some symptoms, including congestion. A study that was conducted with a number of test patients also found that there is no difference either on lung function or exercise capacity in people with colds.

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Seasonal Weight Gain

As I read some of my old diaries I noted without a doubt that my weight gain has always spiked up during the winter months. Then, when spring and summer hit my weight either stayed the same or I was elated to be losing. I was suprised to make these observations and had to explore my apparent “Seasonal Weight Gain” a little closer.

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